07 November 2013

brainstorming thanksgiving.

Last year Bekki and I went up to Provo to visit Kylie and Cameron for the Thanksgiving weekend.  This year K+C are coming down to Arizona for the holiday, and since JB and I will be in town for Thanksgiving after all* we get to spend time with my sisters and eat lots of food and are excited.

I made my own belated-Thankgiving dinner for me and Jon last year and it was a lot of work but also so fun.  I've been pouring over my collection of November Food Network Magazines and the cooking bible trying to figure out a food plan for this year.

Thanksgiving Brainstorming
Food and football and family.  Thanksgiving is the best.

*full disclosure: in fact, we didn't even schedule our Brazil trip over Thanksgiving.  I hadn't realized how late in the month it is this year and even if we had gone to Brazil, we would also have been here for the holiday.  Whomp whomp.  (We go the plane tickets in May, so I blame the wedding brain.)

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