27 September 2013


i can usually make it several months on a single song that kills me so good it's all i can listen to for weeks.  2013 has been somewhat of a dearth on the grabbing-my-soul-with-music front... good things here and there, but nothing has gotten into my blood - until now.

arcade fire is special in our house, because every time jon hears music and then asks "who's this?" it is ALWAYS arcade fire.

anyway, i love things that are weird, and this music video is a weird thing that is also creepy but so cool and beautiful and i want to live in it.

the song gets bonus points for the addition of the horns, which is something i've long believed arcade fire needed in their work.

oh, and the david bowie feature.  and that paper mache head which looks exactly like him and is so perfect.

arcade fire is performing on snl this weekend, so look forward to that.  also, my bets (and my hopes) are on the paper mache heads being present.

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