25 September 2013

recently, and also sort of a while ago.

here are some things of the recent times, in no particular order or continuity:

1. a couple of weekends ago we went camping, and on the way there i said that maybe we could make a s'more with a reese's cup instead of a hershey's bar because we had the cups but not the bars.  "it would be like a fluffernutter s'mores!"

and then jon did one of those pbbft noises but it was expressed in an incredulous manner as if to say what on earth is that word that you just said.  and you know what he basically replied with?  "what on earth is that word you just said?"  he never even heard the word fluffernutter before, let alone knew what the heck it is!  the man went 27 years on living without once learning about a fluffernutter, and of all people to hear it from it had to be me, who thinks that fluffernutters sound totally gross and has no intention of feeding her husband that junk.

peanut butter and honey sandwiches, though...

2. grey's anatomy.  jon is pretty much all caught up, thank you very much, and i'm pleased to say that he responded appropriately to all of the unfair and horrible deaths of some of the best characters, which is to say with much anger and annoyance.

meanwhile i've been having a lot of dreams about grey's lately, and also i am constantly noticing any instance of forgetfulness on my part and jumping to the conclusion that i'm going to get alzheimer's one day.  it's probably definitely because of this show, so.

3. i think the summer heat has finally broken.  hallelujahs and praises and all that jazz!

4. i have a theory and it is this: kings of leon is that bad boyfriend you keep going back to.

5. yesterday i finished the journal that i've been writing in for the past 10 months.  it was kind of sad because dudes i love that thing.  there hasn't been a day that it hasn't been with me or on my persons.  is it developmentally unacceptable for adults to have security blankets?  fifty points to gryffindor if you think i'm not crazy for this.

(or for anything.  ten extra points for that.)

6. picture that has nothing to do with any of this, but since this is a blog:

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