07 August 2013

hon·ey·moon : a 2011 wish.

i am beyond psyched for this trip and to be able to go back to some of my favorite places, including my all-time favorite place.  (one day i'm going to find a way to be able to live at crater lake.  i've got my hopes set on a cabin on wizard island.)

and, of course, i'm over the moon excited to be able to go on this trip with jon.  i basically took the same trip two summers ago.  i loved it so much, and i loved traveling with sam and diana.  but i kept thinking that if i could have done the trip with anyone, i would have picked jon.

which was way more of an awkward realization than a romantic one, since that was the summer after jon and i broke up.

but that dream, however impossible it seemed at the time, is coming true right now.  so if i never want to come back... i'm not sorry for it.  this dream is finally real, and i'm living it.

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