08 April 2013

the tow truck prophecy.

on a spring sunday evening in 2011, i left my house to attend a meeting, only to discover that my car was gone.  a phone call and a huge feeling of stupidity later, i learned that my car had been towed and i could pick it up as soon as the tow-guy on call returned to the lot.

i called the first person i thought of to help me pick up my car: jon burgoyne.  he came, like a knight on a horse and he didn't even make me wait long or make fun of me.  he drove me to the lot and waited with me the entire time.  luckiest girl ever, right?  right!

only, he had just broken up with me a few weeks before that.  and even though we decided to stay friends, it was still a little awkward.  it felt a little too soon for us to be comfortably alone together, ya know?

the tow-man finally came, and he was very friendly and nice.  while i was signing some papers he pointed to jon and asked, "is this guy your fiancé?"  we did that nervous laugh thing and replied that we were just friends.  the man didn't seem particularly convinced.

when i went to pay for the charges, i discovered with absolute horror that my card wasn't being accepted.  i tried to avoid a panic attack while simultaneously trying to figure out what to do.  i was in a severely uncomfortable position between the man who held the keys to my best getaway option and my non-fiancé-ex-boyfriend whom i was terrified of looking stupid in front of.

of course, the worst possible option (as far as my dignity goes) happened.  jon pulled out his wallet, gave the man his card, and like a mean joke, the payment was accepted right away.  the tow-man looked at me.  "are you sure there isn't anything going on here?"

i'm not sure why the guy didn't ask me if jon was my boyfriend and instead jumped right to asking me if we were engaged.  i don't know if he is really good at reading people, or if he's actually just really bad at it.  regardless, a sort of prophecy was made that night with the first question he asked: is this guy your fiancé?
well he is now, tow-truck-man!

jon and i are finally engaged!  yeah!!

and i say "finally" because we decided we were going to get married at the end of february and it has been killing me trying to keep it a secret from our friends for soooooo long.  reading texts and listening to phone calls from our friends last night was the best and most fun, and we are very lucky to have them all.

hopefully this explains the seeming overabundance of the word "stress" as of late on this blog.  i was CA-RAZY-freaked out for the first two weeks.  i didn't know where to start as far as all of the wedding stuff goes, and i was all, "now i have to get a bunch of magazines and find websites and learn how to use pinterest!"  my brain almost exploded once, i think.  of course it didn't because jon is the best at un-freaking me out, and he's the most sweetest ever, and awwwwwww mushy-gushy lovey-dovey.

and we've already knocked the big stuff on our to-do list off.  we got the date set (june 29th!), we found a photographer (she's awesome and we love her!!), the announcements are slowly but surely coming around, and the dress is being worked on as we speak (a truly crazy story, i'll probably tell it soon.).  the next big thing we're aiming to tackle is graduation.  one.more.month.

to close, an awkward photo we took last night to commemorate the occasion.  we're pretty sure our photographer has her work cut out for her... please pray for her.

postscript: thanks to everyone who has been so nice on fbook in response to our announcement!  obviously it's not the ideal way to tell everyone our good news, and i totally wish there was a better way.  but seeing everyone's excitement has been an unexpected blessing today, and somehow it makes me even more excited.  so way to go, you guys!  :)


  1. I am dying of excitement here. I CANNOT wait to see you tomorrow!!!

  2. Finally!! :D Yay!! Congrats!

  3. This is so so exciting!!!! I'm so happy for the both of you!

    Jessica Jeffs

  4. FINALLY!!!! I've been waiting for this post for basically years! You two are so fantastic and absolutely perfect for each other! Marriage is the best! I'm too excited!!!!! :) :)
    Brad is dang excited too!

    1. you are the best! :) and tell brad to get in on the social media action, i miss him!