15 April 2013

from the weekend.

(moneyshot by jon :)

this weekend we worked on an airplane for school, ate large amounts of chocolate, and nailed down a few honeymoon things (!!!).

and then sunday, beautiful sunday was here and we larger amounts of chocolate and relaxed and had a glorious glimpse into the days post-may-9th and how incredibly wonderful they're going to be.

(i was telling jon that it sort of feels to me like the wedding day is may 9th because that's the date that we're gunning for right now.)
(it's probably going to be a bummer when may 9th comes and i'm thinking, dang.)

we also went shoe shopping!  jon needed some new shoes, and i just really wanted to get some that i've been dying for since i was sixteen:

wallabees!!  (my desert boots are slightly jealous.)

the best part of the shoe trip though?  these:

there are no words.  only high-pitched squeals.  this is the whole truth, jon was embarrassed to be with me in the store when i spotted these.  died and went to baby-clarks heaven.

someone PLEASE convince me that our future babies need these shoes.  "because they're cuuuuuute!!" is so close to being a good enough excuse.  (my heart says yes my my head says no...)


  1. Sneaky ring shot! Thank you for that. My inner-nosiness is satisfied.

    It is beautiful, by the way!

    1. thank you so much! and i posted that picture just for you. :)