10 April 2013

a proposal, actually.

every time i hear the word proposal i think of that one part in enchanted when patrick dempsey says he was going "to take a very serious step forward.  a proposal actually."

and the response: "OHHH!"

anywayy, some context to this video:

on sunday jon suggested that we go to tempe town lake.  this is where we're having some pictures taken next week and he said we could go to look around for some cool backdrops.

when we were driving there, we were going through a list of things we needed before picture day.  i listed off some things, and then jon said "oh yeah, and we need the ring to get here, too."

and i believed him, because we had already been waiting for the ring longer than we had expected.

so if you can hear jon say "i lied" in the video, that's what he was talking about.

also, i think it sounds like i'm crying and sort of looks like i'm crying, but i'm not.  the occasion probably warranted such a response, but apparently i just get really squeaky in these kinds of situations instead.

sneaky man!