11 February 2013

twenty-seven from the weekend. (and one from the web)

señor juan commandeered my phone and took most of the photos for the weekend:


(my favorite one.) 

this is what i have to say about these:

(1) i am now good enough at longboarding that i can be called a beginner.  which is just to say, i'm pretty bad at it.
(2) i've decided i like wearing three headbands at once.
(3) holy sunset, and the stunna shots jon got of them. (the one where the sky reflects off my car.  i die!)
(4) jon takes the cake for self-portraits.
(5) and also the duck face.  his is the best i've ever seen.
(6) we ate at raising cane's for the first time at the suggestion of a friend.  i walked away with a happy belly full of chicken and fries (but not enough toast... oh my lands, their texas toast!) and a feeling that more people should name their businesses after their dogs.

aaaaaand here are some ones that i took!

...mine are significantly less impressive.  but i do have something to say about the first and last one i took.

(1) first of all, this shirt.  it's from the boy's section.  i have the upper body of a 12-14 year old boy.  good for my wallet, not so good for much else.
(2) second, the mannequin.  i guess we're taking fashion cues from bill belichick now?

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