07 February 2013

seven on february seventh.

if someone introduced herself to you and said that she was a writer, would you think it was weird?

- hi, i'm bob.
- oh hi, bob.  i'm kristin, nice to meet you.
- likewise.  so, what do you do?
- oh, i'm a writer!

good grief, am i right?  doesn't she sound pretentious?

admittedly, lately i've been unsure about my college career and whether or not i made the right decision to study writing.  for one thing, it's starting to sound more and more like a joke when i tell people what i got my degree in.

don't get me wrong, there's plenty of jokes to be made about this subject.
in our family's year-end newsletter of 2012, the joke was made that in accepting my current job, i finally realized that engineering is where all the jobs are. (zing!) people joke that a BA english graduate is destined for waitress jobs only. (double-zing!) or sometimes they joke that the best possible option is law school... and i think that is a terrible joke. (anti-zing.)

(in between job searching, i thought about the graduate school option over the summer.)
(i considered law school heavily for a good two weeks.)
(and then i decided to apply for waitress jobs.)

ANYWAY, this article made me feel a little better.  awesome, even?  and i'm not even that serious about writing (yet).

do you know what a writer is?  it's sort of a trick question.  i'm not sure i know.

but i do know that writing is important to me.  i know that i need all those journals and notepads and post-its and paper things and a planner to keep track of writing (oh geez) to constantly remind myself that i need to write.  i probably should get a handle on how many i start without finishing, though.  it looks as though i might have a problem.

(unfortunately, pictures presented in small-ish form on account of some damning journal entries i saw after the pictures were taken.  yipes.  note to self: don't journal when you're in a bad space.)


  1. You still have Lisa Frank???? That's funny!!!