21 February 2013

winter schminter.

so yesterday phoenix decided to try going all "philadelphia winter" and let me just say... not a bad showing!  there was sleet and slush and everything!

it made me the teensiest bit homesick, believe it or not.  the winters that i've always hated visited for a day in the desert of all places and made me miss it.

meanwhile, the rest of the people living here basically wigged out in particularly amusing fashion.  pictures and exclamation points and all caps alllll over the social networks.  silly desert peoples.

...okaaaaay, but to be honest i took pictures too.

rain in Phoenix

rain in Phoenix

rain in Phoenix

i wish i had thought to do some kind of time lapse video of the view from my office.  i had one of the best seats to the craziest sky show i have seen in my life.  first there were soupy clouds, then puffy ones, then angry-black-soupy clouds, and then a giant dust cloud, and then clear skies.

...so maybe this will actually be the last rain of the season?
if not, i mean, no big deal.
but i did just start to get into a sunbathing routine this week so...
...if those low-seventies want to come back soon i'm cool with that, too.

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