14 February 2013

dear abby.

dear abby,

i had three dreams last night.

  1. jon and i were sharing a cigarette.  i was being a cigarette hog.
  2. i was at the temple... and so was kings of leon.
  3. i was back at hayden library (my former workplace) from which i was apparently banned.  my old co-workers helped me sneak around my old boss so i wouldn't get caught and arrested.
  1. there are two issues here.  the obvious - the smoking - seems of lesser concern to me than the second - that i was hogging the smokes.  (poor jon, he only got one drag.)  this is not a new revelation.  i am also a notorious blanket hog and also there was one halloween where i distinctly remember not sharing any of my candy with anyone, including the ones i don't even like.  i think it's clear enough that i have a hogging problem.
  2. i have a weird relationship with this band.  sometimes i love them, but also sometimes i hate them, and every so often they'll pop up in my dreams and it will be the weirdest dream ever.  once i had a dream and they and some of my friends were having a party in some basement that magically caught on fire.  in another dream i've dreamt up one of their songs that doesn't actually exist.  we've also gone on a road trip together and snuck into a hotel's pool.  but now they're infiltrating places in my dreams where i don't want them to be and i think it's getting out of hand.
  3. this dream was actually really exciting.  i was an outlaw, and it was bonkers-fun.  i hid in all of the lesser-known places that i found while working there for two years, and my co-workers were the best accomplices a fugitive could ever have.  take that, old boss!

all of this seems to point to some rebellious part of me that really wants to cut loose.  or something??  i'm thinking back to a note that i wrote in my phone a few months ago (and also on this blog, i believe):

"sometimes i'm disappointed at myself when the most rebellious thing i can think of doing is bring a two-liter of dr. pepper to the next ward potluck dinner.  be better at rebellion...??"

only that's not even that rebellious because i'm pretty positive my DP is church-sanctioned.  or at least it's not not-church-sanctioned.

i'm troubled.  very troubled.



  1. ahaha. i liked the part about DP not NOT being church sanctioned. and the part where you were a cigarette hog. so much to analyze ;)