28 January 2013

saturday 26 january.

january has made mother nature one moody lady.  one day she's freezing, the other she's summer...
and now she's raining for three days straight.  (where am i, oregon?) (i wiiiiish...)

rain makes me contemplative.  thinking hard, deep thoughts for the past four days has been exhausting.
and beneficial?  rain also makes me feel rejuvenated, i suppose.
it also gave me a crazy case of cabin fever the other day.  so i ran some make-believe errands, only to come home with supplies for painting.  the exact opposite of a cabin-fever-solving activity.

i'm not much of a painter.  obviously.
also, i am clearly a paint-waster.
i discovered that the hardest part is starting.  just building up the courage to pick up a brush and try.  accepting that you'll probably make a mistake since you've never done this before, but you'll learn how to fix it when you get there.  there's always going to be at least one person there to encourage you, and at the very least he'll say, hey look at you, painting and stuff!
i'm no artist, but i think it's not finished yet.  something's missing.
post script:  care to see my living room as of late?

on the one side, the room of a sensible adult-ish person.

on the other, the dream room of a 12-year-old. (who was a child in the 90's.)