16 January 2013

a kitchenaid story.

pictured (sort of) is my mom's kitchenaid:

this is the only picture i could find that pictures my mom's kitchenaid.
i mean for the mixer to be the picture's focus.
NOT my brother, who is soooooo little in this.

it has been around since before the beginning of time.  by which, i mean, since before i was born.

my first experience with baking involved my mom helping me make chocolate chip cookies in her kitchenaid.  and after that day, i was hooked.

on cookies.
and baking/cooking.
but especially on my mom's kitchenaid.

almost all of the dreams for my future involve a kitchenaid of my own.

But it came to pass that in those days, there came a decree from Mother Goose, that no daughter would be receiving a kitchenaid unless she was married.

much to the dismay of my rebellious, teenage self.  have i ever told you about how i used to be absolutely against getting married?  another day, perhaps.

fortunately for my kitchenaid dreams i got over that idea.  but dorm-life wasn't exactly accommodating for stand mixer living, so those dreams faded.  but only slightly.  as soon as i moved off campus, they started to swell again.  and they were punctuated by failed hand mixer baking excursions that left me frustrated and without homemade cookies.

And so the days were accomplished that Kristin should find a Husband.  To get a kitchenaid.

...but not really.  i've never really seen myself as a crazy husband-seeker?  or a gold-digger?  it would probably be more accurate to say that i just hoped and hoped that mother goose would change her mind about that decree.  and i broke the coveting commandment SO MANY TIMES.  when bekki and i visited kylie and cameron for thanksgiving, i jealously stared at kylie while she made rolls in her pretty silver mixer.  i fawned over every.single.kitchenaid. i passed at any store like some crazy domestic psycho.  i'm pretty sure i hugged one once in front of jon and the other peoples who happened to pass by at whichever store we were at.

to hug, but not to hold.


jon came home last night with a giant box wrapped in wrapping paper.
and the sight of such wrapped squareness instilled fear into my chest.
as gifts and presents always do.
(for some reason presents make me nervous and embarrassed.)
(this reason i do not know.)
(maybe you do?)
(enlighten me?)

And, lo, the Boyfriend said unto me, Don't be silly.  For, behold, I bring you a present and I want you to open it, ya dork.

and so i did, and do you know what it was?

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth cookies, and all manner of delicious yummies, toward men.  And one man in particular.

when i asked jon what the occasion was, do you know what he said?
"today seemed like a good day for dreams to come true."

i mean, does it melt your heart or does it melt your heart?

pleased to be saying, nominations for boyfriend of the year are no longer being accepted.
so what if it's still only january?
this morning i called my mom to discuss with her the good tidings.
and somewhere amongst the discussings she said,
"okay, but can you really get married now?"
to which i said,
"i have the kitchenaid, what do i need to get married for?"


  1. this is officially the cutest, sweetest blog post in the history of the world. obsessed. ;)

  2. That is such a cute, sweet, and funny story!! I love the way you wrote out what happened as well... I couldn't stop reading! You and your kitchen aid look perfect for each other! (You should get a family picture with you, Jon, and your new kitchen aid! haha!)

    1. oh my gosh, that family picture idea is the best everrr!

  3. hahahahaaha, excellent stuff. Happy cooking, I want a Kitchenaid to but am already married. Should have put it in the prenup!