15 November 2016

back in business.

If I was a dramatic person, I would probably start this off by saying something like "GREETINGS MORTALS, I formally announce my triumphant return to the Internet world via computer because I am finally in possession of a computer!!!!"

But I'm not a dramatic person, so I'll just tell you some OH-SO VERY interesting events that happened to us.

This summer we decided to sell our beloved iMac.  It was a tough decision, but one we felt was best. (does this sound like a line found in am employee's termination letter?)  We fully expected new computers to be announced at Apple's event in September because do you even remember the last time they updated their computers??  We do, because we're nerds/losers who follow that, and we know that resell values of older models go down after new ones are announced.  Anyway!  All this is to say, we decided to sell our iMac, and we sold it, and we gave it a proper eulogy and a curse on its new owner should he/she even think of treating it poorly.

This left me computer-less (sold my aged snail of a MacBook last year), but it wasn't too big of a deal because we still had Jon's and while he was at work I could use it during the day for what I needed.  It was fine!  We were doing just fine!

And then!!  Jon left his job for a new job (A DREAM JOB) which now has him working from home on that computer that was available during the day if I needed it and now it is now longer available during the day if I need it.  Ooof.

But no matter, we could still be fine!  Because as soon as that Apple event in September was finished and they DIDN'T announce new computers, I knew for certain that there would be another event in October.  With computers!  And there was!  And we waited for it, knowing that at the end of it we'd be buying a brand new, up-to-date computer!

Then the event finished and I discovered that it is possible to be both excited and disappointed at the same time.  Because a touch bar thing is kind of cool and the Space Gray looks great, but I do not have the time or patience for dongles.  Also, stab me in the heart with those increased prices, Apple.  Yeesh.

So we did not choose the up-to-date computer, but we did choose one!  And she got here yesterday, fully loaded with ports and speed and ladies and gentlemen I am back in business.


1. We sold my computer.
2. Jon got a new job.
3. I watch too many Apple Events.
4. I got a new computer.

I hope you're ready for a backlog of happenings, and I hope you're not expecting them quickly.  Because I am just now able to check out all of my photos from my trip to Paris last month, and sifting through and editing 25 GBs of photos does NOT happen overnight.

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