28 March 2016

scenes from the backyard.

We are almost two months into living in our house, and so far the backyard is our favorite place.

Weather-wise, we're in that sweet spot where it's warm during the day (but not too warm!) and at night it cools down.  (basically, it's summertime in PA minus the humidity, which is all I ever wanted summer to be like growing up)  It's a little bittersweet because that hot heat is just around the corner, but we are enjoying ourselves while we can. (I hope Jon is bracing himself for the annual onslaught of my Arizona summer complaints ;)  It has been warm enough that two times we've let Theo have some sprinkler time.  In both cases, they were largely spontaneous, which is why he's pictured half-dressed.  (Not because he's self conscious of his swim body, HA.)

Another reason I love the yard is because Theo gets extra cute when we're out there.  We spend almost every day out on a picnic blanket just laying in the warm sun, and Theo likes to come over to and rest his head on me.  He's also really generous when I ask for kisses.  I think he's his best self when he's out there.

I'm not ready to give you up, nice Arizona weather.  Please stay!


  1. I agree! The weather has been beautiful lately! Also, that boy of yours is so cute!!!

    1. i'm definitely biased, but i have to agree with you!