06 January 2016

welcome 2016.

Another holiday season came and went.  It's partly sad, but honestly... a little relieving as well.  We had a busy December that often had my head spinning.  Early in the month, we threw our first holiday cocktail party.  It was my first opportunity to take all of the entertaining tips and lessons I've learned from Ina's books and tv show the past couple of years and put it to practice.  From menu planning all the way to learning how to get the boxed edge on the tablecloth... I like to think that she'd have been proud.  And maybe even impressed... I can't imagine she's ever hosted a party where children younger than 3 nearly outnumbered the adults!

(Our menu: roasted shrimp cocktail, salami and cucumber, parmesan thyme crackers, bacon sandwiches with herbed cream cheese, and pepperoni dip with tortilla chips)

(This is like, the most non-pinterest-y non-instagram-acceptable picture, but I was literally prepping for this the entire week and too tired to take a decent picture.)


We spent Christmas day at my parents house in Utah.  It was particularly exciting because I got to meet the nephew who finally made me an aunt on the Hood side.  Little baby Alex was a dream baby and the exact opposite of everything Theo was just a little over a year ago.  He sleeps constantly!  He doesn't barf 10+ times a day!  He doesn't scream when it's time to eat!  I have no personal understanding of what it's like to have such a newborn.  Theo was pretty intrigued with the tiny guy, but mostly seemed to wonder if the baby was going to do anything.

Theo was otherwise preoccupied with his new toys, two of which (a lawn mower and a hilarious pink shopping cart) were intended to trick him into walking.  And it worked!  By the end of our stay Theo was walking and eating up all of the praise (and M&M rewards).  Theo now loves walking to the oven and laughing at the sight of his face in the door.  I imagine he stares at his reflection and plots all of the destruction that lies ahead of him as his walking steadies.  So THANKS A LOT FOR THOSE PRESENTS, GUYS.  (seriously though, thanks!)

We returned to Arizona just in time for New Year's celebrations, but we didn't do much celebrating.  Some kind of stomach flu weaseled into our family and all three of us vomited our way into 2016.  FUN!!

But the opportunity to rest was welcome, and now we are ready to tackle January!  Jon and I have discussed our goals and needs for 2016, and we have big plans.  Our kid is more independent, and we are not anticipating another one, and we are feeling a level of freedom that didn't even exist a year ago.  The sky's the limit!  The possibilities are numerous!  We are not wasting 2016!

Happy New Year, guys!  It's going to be great.

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