02 December 2015

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watching: Last month I casually decided to watch the first episode of Aziz Ansari's Master of None on Netflix.  Then I fell in love with it and finished it later that week.  Earlier this year I read bits of Aziz's book, Modern Romance, and a lot of the themes and topics discussed in the book were also present in the show.  The show is smart, and it addresses issues that need to be talked about more, even seemingly obscure ones that might not apply to everyone (like portrayals and audience expectations of Asian-Americans in Hollywood).  For the record, this show isn't family-friendly - check out content advisory warnings online if that's something you're inclined to do - but definitely worth a watch.  If for nothing else, to see Ansari's adorable real-life parents in the show and also the amazingly drool-worthy apartment that Dev (Ansari's character) somehow magically has.

reading: I am currently reading Sisters in Law, by Linda Hirshman.  It's about Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg and their paths to becoming Supreme Court Justices.  It is awe-inspiring to read about the discrimination they faced and overcame as women. And with such tact!  They took very different paths to make it to the Supreme Court bench, but they made it.  Justice Ginsburg did amazing, tireless work her entire life to advance the rights of women, and reading of Justice O'Connor's journey to being FWOTSC reminded me of what she taught at the ASU Law School convocation a few years ago: do excellent work in all of the little tasks you do and steps you make towards the big goal.  They are incredible women and I feel very lucky to be a beneficiary of their hard work and examples.  Side note: if you're interested, RBG has also made waves in the pop culture scene as of late, via the Notorious R.B.G. tumblr and Kate McKinnon's hilarious (and irreverent) portrayal of her on Saturday Night Live.

listening: The Hamilton bug finally hit our house.  We can't stop listening to the musical, and I can't stop laughing every time King George III sings about John Adams.  It's been fun to revisit and learn new things about what was my favorite aspect of American history to study in grade school.  Someone please make a hip-hop musical for every era of our country's history.  (re: reading, one on the history of women's rights could be killer.) ((after we are finally in possession of all of them, of course.)) (((heyyooooooo.)))

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