06 July 2015

watching, reading, listening, food edition

watching: I recently fell really hard for Chef's Table, a Netflix series that features six world-famous chefs.  It's a great look at serious cooking and the real lives of chefs - completely opposite of all the competition cooking shows.  I don't particularly care for the cooking and the battling of present-day food television, so this series is a seriously refreshing change of pace for food television.  Of the six chefs highlighted, my favorite of them is Massimo Bottura, which probably is true for all viewers because he is so charming and engaging.  (I could watch a whole documentary series just about him.)  Before I die I will go to Modena just to visit his restaurant for the tasting menu (the Five ages of Parmigiano Reggiano please!!!) and then my life will be complete.  Anyway, I will be re-watching this season until the next one comes out, for sure.

reading: For months I've abused my library renewals on Twelve Recipes, by Cal Peternell.  Confession time: it's difficult for me to want to cook these days.  Our kitchen is west-facing which just means that the kitchen is already warm even before any burners or ovens have been turned on.  But this book has sung the praises of simple toasts and eggs that can be meal enough.  I know toasts have just trended to infinity and beyond and now it's just annoying, but the practicality and convenience of it can't be beat.  As soon as my renewals are maxxed out, I'll check this book out with Jon's card and go through it all again (and then buy it myself eventually, ha.)

listening: My latest podcast of choice is Pass the Salt.  I can't even remember how I learned about it, but I'm glad I happened upon it.  It's a homemade show, which is most apparent in the sound quality, but the topics are fun, the hosts are fun, and every Wednesday I look forward to a new episode.  They mainly talk about food and their personal relationships with food and food culture, and again, it's refreshing to have some exposure to food in media that isn't a bunch of people trying to cook a dish in thirty minutes to beat out other cooks.  I often find myself re-listening to episodes and it never seems to get boring.


  1. Now I want to watch/read/listen to all of these :) Also I just read your post about Brazilian food- Feijoda is like, crazy good, and that restaurant is now on my list.