03 June 2015

beanie babies!

When my family came down over Memorial Day weekend, they brought me the Beanie Babies I had when I was a kid. I happily set them all out on Theo's dresser the last week and it's fun to see this part of my childhood every time I enter his room.  I spent a lot of time playing with these when I was little and the possibility that Theo might do the same one day makes me happy.

I think it's safe to say I was totally in love with Beanie Babies.  I always took extra care of them, especially when I got a new one and needed to place the plastic protector over the tag (remember when we thought they might be worth zillions??)  There were a few I took an extra liking to and I even made little clothes for them.  I had the "Special Collector's Edition" Fall 1998 Beanie Baby Handbook that came with recipes, which I don't think I made nearly enough foods from.  And in third grade, after what my family usually refers to as "Kristin's accident," a couple of get-well-wishers gave me Beanie Babies.  Of course, it didn't make me glad for the condition I was in, but I remember being completely thrilled and so excited.

I have been realizing that there are things from being a kid that I haven't quite fully emotionally detached from.  The Beanie Babies especially, but just as special to me are all the Disney movies that our family had.  The other night Jon and I watched The Lion King with Theo for the first time, and even though Theo was not paying attention at all I couldn't help but think, 'this is an extremely important moment!!'

There is so much gear that I swear didn't exist even when my youngest sibling was a baby (which seems like five years ago, not fifteen), and this last year has been overwhelming as we have researched what is best for our kid and our wallet.  So it's such a relief to remember what I loved and have a plan for Theo's future as it applies to entertainment.  It's all just less to worry about, and who doesn't like that?

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