11 April 2015

while we were out.

We recently just got back from a long trip up north to visit my family.  Theo and I were up for about a week and a half before Jon joined us for Easter weekend.  Though he can't communicate the most effectively, I'm pretty positive Theo had a blast.  I thought there would be a sort of rough warming up period between him and my family members, but within the very first minute everyone was cracking each other up.  He ate up all of the attention and I think a part of him knew he was basically royalty.

Trip adventures included a night in Vegas (I want to live in the Bellagio, or at least the Hermès store), my very first BYU volleyball game (my theory that the team I root for always loses whenever I go to games in person is still solid), "awwww"-ing all of the brand new baby animals in the fields (I named the smallest and cutest ones "Theo"), sneaking Theo the tiniest bit of frozen yogurt (already hooked), eating wayyy too much Easter candy (and buying even more when it went on clearance), and dying over my mom's new hardwood floors and kitchen countertops (so jealous).

Bellagio Las Vegas Japanese Garden Art Installation
Japanese Garden Art Installation at the Bellagio.

BYU Volleyball shenanigans.

in the middle of telling a riveting story.
(week before) Easter outfit, clearly thinking church is the greatest.

It was a grand old time and it was hard to leave.  And it's even harder to get Theo back into Arizona's time zone and his old nap/sleep routine.  He is all mixed up and subsequently the parentals are pretty tired.

Postscript: referring to myself as a "parent" is like, still the weirdest thing in the world.

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