23 February 2015

after reading through this i feel like a huge nerd.

In non-baby-related news, here are some things I've been thinking about recently.

Firstly, we got our tax return last week and were excited for the little extra "oomph" it gave our budget.  Until I said, "We can finally get our windshield fixed and we need that weed whacker!  And I guess we should set aside some money for when Theo needs a bigger car seat.  We also need a new mop!"  Uggghhhhh.  Being an adult is so incredibly boring sometimes.

(PS, we fixed our windshield this afternoon and we bought a new mop, so.  We are sticking with adulthood for now.)

Secondly, last Saturday the three of us walked around our old stomping grounds at the ASU campus in Tempe.  We showed Theo all of our places and I felt kind of old every time I said, "What!  They changed this!" even though it has only been three years.  It was a nice little visit and it made me very nostalgic and brought back those crazy ideas in my head wherein I just rack up degrees because I think I am really good at being a student.  Lately I've been wishing I had gone for a degree in Mathematics.  I kind of secretly have always really loved math, and I'm embarrassed to admit this so I'm just going to move on now.

Thirdly, last week Jon worked an insane amount and sadly had to work late into the evening most of the nights.  One night in particular we had about an hour and a half to spend together, and I'm pretty sure we spent the majority of the time watching and discussing Woodkid's music video trilogy which I had discovered earlier in the day.  We had our English-major-caps on and were parsing through potential symbols, narratives, and viewing orders and boy was it as nerdy as it sounds right now.

If you're the type who can have a life-changing experience with or an emotional reaction to music videos (it happens to me every once in a while), might I recommend I Love You, Iron, and Run Boy Run (this is the order that I personally prefer to watch them in, I think the narrative is the most optimistic this way.)  Run Boy Run in particular affected me the most.  Gave me chills, took my breath away, made my heart pound, the whole thing.  The Seattle Washington LDS Temple even makes a cameo in it.

Finally, I can't not post of picture of my kid. Sorry.


  1. I wrote a comment and it got deleted. Boo. Embracing adulthood is a real thing. We're excited about getting my car fixed and maybe getting a newish couch. Simple pleasures. Theo is adorable! Look at those long toes! Love your update, as usual. :)

    1. ANY car-related costs are the woooooorst. and a new couch?! you guys are so lucky!!

      (haha.) (but seriously, you are.)