07 October 2014

Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House.

Recently Jon and I developed a new pastime of sorts - checking out photos of ridiculously huge and expensive houses for sale.

Our browsing has mainly been focused on homes in the Hamptons, and these babies are really something else.  At the end of our gawking sessions we ask each other what on earth these people do that enables them to live in these places.  We look up these houses just for fun, but there are people in the world who can and actually look up these places because they are considering buying them.

I've personally concluded that I could never ever live in a house like the ones pictured.  Don't get me wrong, they are incredibly beautiful, and the kitchens in these homes are out of this world amazing.  But I think ridiculous is the prevailing adjective here.  If we did live in one, I'd never want people to come over to visit because I'd be too embarrassed to have them.  I just imagine having family members over and giving them a tour and saying, "And here is our tenth bathroom..." and then they leave thinking "That was an overly extravagant and unnecessary home, and why on earth do they need so many bathrooms?!"

I'm not saying I want to live in a hole.  I definitely step away from looking at these houses and think about that dream place that will hopefully be ours one day and is far better than our current home.  And that place is nice, to be sure.  But it has like, seven less bathrooms and half the number of bedrooms, and at most just ONE fireplace, not five.  Also, no rose gardens, apple orchards, or private docks for our boat.

I think Jon wants the movie theater room, though.  And probably the indoor pool with water slide.

Yikes.  I'm sure there's at least one person in the world who absolutely needs this...?  (it's not Jon.)


  1. Bahahaha!!! Love this! I wish I could meet the people that live in these kinds of houses. Crazy. I bet they're germ-a-phobes and so nit picky about keeping their mansions clean that they don't have any fun. Except on that water slide, of course.

    1. haha, i'm sure they hire a person to clean for them. but seriously, the insides of some of these houses are so pristine and orderly, they look like museum exhibits!