16 December 2013

isn't he the cutest thing?

I quickly fell behind on the holiday traditions we set out to make this year.  Oops.  (Can it really be all my fault though?  Thanksgiving was pretty late this year, after all.  At least, that's the reason I keep coming up with.)

And I'm not usually one for public mushiness, but as I catch up and cause JB all the exasperation he could have ever wanted, I can't avoid thinking of how wonderful my sweet baboo is.  This is our third holiday season together but our first one together together, and I am quite happy about it.  It's been so fun have a Christmas tree to see and smell every day and to sing Christmas songs like the weirdest maniacs hopefully no one will ever see.  I'm ready for every Christmas season for the rest of my life with this slouchy devil, even though I'll probably drop the ball on all of those, too.

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