04 November 2013

thoughts from [saturday].

On Saturday JB and I went to see The Lion King in Tempe at Gammage.

And hello, it was amazing.  I want to see it fifty more times before I die, and a million times after I die.

Everything was so perfect and the energy was incredible and I wanted to sing so badly and there were so many powerful scenes I couldn't keep the goosebumps away.

One of my favorite parts of the musical was that it showed how insanely awesome the female lions are.  In the movie I'm pretty sure all you see any of the female lions do is relax in the shade, give their babies baths, and get smacked down by the villainous males.  Not exactly the most respectable portrayal of women (lions, I get it, but still).  This is not so in the show.  On stage they are beautiful and strong and dignified.  They are providers and leaders as well.

I'm not trying to knock the movie.  It is fantastic and just about everyone agrees.

Instead I think more about how common this scenario is: A perspective that so many have because everyone has seen this or read that sometimes disparages a person or people or an idea, and fewer people gain other or fuller perspectives because there is a lack of privileges, an instance of bad timing, ignorance or everything else that can happen.

This scenario plays out all over the world in issues and problems that are far bigger than the reputation of female lions.  But for some reason this tiny aspect of the problem has been on my mind for the past couple of days and it's driving me insane.  Any solutions on how to rehabilitate the images of these lionesses??  Talk to me.

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