11 July 2013

a DMV story.

this week has been for errands of all sorts, including trying to get my name changed.  i thought there'd be something interesting to report from my trip to the social security office when i checked in 110 people behind the person currently being served... but as it turns out, the invention of smartphones makes the experience fairly pleasant and everyone just minds their own guilty-pleasure game.  i was slightly disappointed, but then yesterday i went to change my license.

and oh, the dmv.  it did not fail me.

the particular dmv i went to (it actually calls itself an MVD) has a line just to get a number.  about five minutes into waiting, i can see that there's something going on about fifteen or twenty people ahead of me.  i couldn't see exactly what was happening, but i got really curious when one of the workers exclaimed "security!"  and of course, everyone in the building is interested and/or freaked out.

(tell me, when someone yells for security what do you think?  a safety concern?  a troublemaker is causing a scene?  yeah, me too.)

in fact, an older-ish gentleman had just passed out while waiting in line.  (now tell me, what good would a security guard have done??)  luckily his wife was with him and she and some others tended to him while someone called the paramedics.

during this time, a handful of people had walked into the building and saw what has happening.  just about everyone stared for a few seconds but then took their place in line.

except for one woman - who walked in, saw the man on the floor, exclaimed "good lord, people LITERALLY come here to die!" and then immediately left the way she came.

full disclosure: i thought this was funny.  as a person who is familiar with fainting spells, i kind of saw the man's situation as a relatively minor thing, based on my own experiences.  had i genuinely believed his life was in danger, i would have cited the insensitivity of the lady's comment right away.  but the man was chatting people up after he'd become conscious again, so i assumed he would be just fine.

after all this i was texting jon.  we've talked before about what to do if he's with me and i'm about to pass out, but never really what to do if it's in public.

don't let anyone call 911, i said, unless you want me to stare at the hotties from the fire department.

(because wowee those guys who came yesterday to help out the man were something.)

and then jon responded, are you saying i should get a fireman's outfit?

kristin in HD

i married a genius.

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