19 June 2013

please excuse this, i'm trying to pass the time.

recently jon and i were in the car on our way to get some dinner.  we first stopped at a gas station, which i wasn’t expecting, and jon just said, i want to check for a movie in the redbox.

and i knew something was fishy because he said “a movie” and not the title of that movie.  when he came back with a movie in his hand, i opened it to see what it was.

warm bodies.

and i thought, is this what it feels like to be a man?  you know, one who gets dragged by his wife to the movies to see the twilight movies?

(interestingly enough, that girl from twilight has a twin who is the girl from warm bodies.)

to be clear, jon ain't no lady.  i don't waste cherry-stem-tying skills on ladies.  pow.

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