01 January 2013

happy new year!

2013!  it's here!  hallelujah!

i relate my transition from 2012 to 2013 to how it feels when you finally get over a breakup.  when that happens i think, what was the big deal?  why was i so hung up on that?  do i enjoy feeling crummy?  i feel great now!  alive and happy!!

(and you might be thinking, hang on, breakup?  you're still dating that handsome turkey aren't you?)
(and i'm thinking it was actually more like a breakup with myself.)
(does that make any sense?)

anyway, resolutions!
i am very good and making resolutions.
i am not very good at actually following through on them.

but this time i've gotten organized.  i've divided my goals up into daily, regularly, and long-term.  i also created an "i want" category because after the twentieth goal or so i realized that some of the things on my list aren't things that will necessarily make me a better person.  they're just fun things that i want to do.  (wouldn't it be nice though, if going to a concert made me a better person?)  AND, i've even asked jon for things i should work on as resolutions.

some of my goals are a little too personal for me to share with the internets, but most aren't.  so here they are:

do these every day:
  • eat breakfast.
  • eat something green.
  • do stretches.  (i want to be bendy!)
  • use my camera!
do these regularly:
  • good budgeting.
  • stop wasting food!
  • be more clean.
  • half hour writing sessions 3x a week.
  • try a new recipe every two weeks.
do these too:
  • ace classes.
  • be prepared to make sacrifices.
  • re-use and make do.
  • be a hard worker.
fun things:
  • do something crazy.
  • go on a road trip!
  • go to at least one concert.

some of these goals i need to get more specific with (like the writing and camera goals) since specifics will help me actually accomplish them.  i have some ideas, and hopefully in the future they will produce something that might find its way here.

i'm also thinking i might need some blogging goals.  isn't that silly?
but in all honesty, i think it will help me.
all last year i tore up my brain worrying about the fact that i didn't feel like i was blogging enough.
isn't that silly?
i've come to the conclusion now that i'm okay with not blogging daily.
feeling the need to post something every day usually just results in "nothing posts" for me.
mostly i just want to write more meaningful things.
and do this for the reason i started blogs in the first place.
because it seemed fun, and i love writing.
not because i have to.

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