10 December 2012

weekend roundup.

happenings of this weekend:

1. señor juan is now employed!  the dude applied for the job on tuesday and was offered the job at the end of his interview on friday.  talk about awesome turnaround!  this year has turned out to be pretty sweet to us, giving us jobs and all.  2012, you have been promoted!


boat light parade on tempe town lake!  it's a silly affair, but also magical in its own vegas-show-offy kind of way.  jon and i went last year too, but i think this year's was better.  even though there was this one rockin' boat that looked like it was going to capsize multiple times that made me nervous.


after starting back in september we FINALLY finished watching the series of friends last night.  i'm now comfortable declaring it is my favorite show in the world, and i'm not embarrassed to admit that i was really bummed last night when it was all over.  i will also acknowledge that it totally glamorizes new york living (before i got my job and when rachel still worked at central perk i was so close to applying for coffeeshop jobs, and then i realized NONE of my friends hang out there allll day), but even so i still kind of want to live there.

4. it is actually starting to chill down here.  the walk to work is getting colder and the ceiling fan in my living room that can't turn off is proving to be more and more obnoxious now, but this is mostly a good thing.  how so?

the other day there was a line of at least ten people at an ice cream truck in my neighborhood.
an ice cream truck.
in december.

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