03 December 2012

weekend roundup.

on friday jon had to do some wind tunnel testing things for air devils.  i went with, and it was a little scary!  but it was mostly cool!

at the end they were looking at the computer screen at their results and saying "it looks really good!"  and i was thinking "what?  you mean those two lines?  what does that even mean?!"  oh engineers.

(it might be funny to note that i was wearing my "Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering" polo that day, and so to a stranger i probably looked like i should have known what was going on.  but no sir.  i studied english, thank you.)

on saturday i prepared a mini-thanksgiving!  i wanted to try my own for the first time, and i was really nervous!  plus, i didn't know anyone who has cooked a turkey breast before (as opposed to a whole turkey) so i didn't have anyone to ask questions, but it turned out okay considering the first-time factor and everything.  and the cheese plate!  i killed that cheese plate!!

and last night, we watched the first presidency of the church give their annual christmas devotional.  you can watch or read it here.

(side note: WAY TO GO RECORDER-GUY!!  who knew that instrument actually had life outside of the third grade music class??  and that it sounds good?!)

but i have to warn you:  president uchtdorf's story is NOT AT ALL funny or charming or happy (like that poorly-placed-candlesticks story from last year.)  i kept hoping, as his talk went on, that he would go back to it and reveal a happy ending but he never did.  fortunately president eyring told a fairly comedic story about a barometer, of all things, as a christmas present for his son.  what the random??

happy december!  can you believe it's here already?


  1. Haha. My brother is an acoustics engineer. All of that stuff goes waaay over my head.


    1. sometimes i think i understand it a little, but then i find that i'm not even close to being in their league. oh well!