04 December 2012

provo temple neighborhood.

some pictures i snapped while taking a walk around the temple block area in provo:

Provo Utah autumn

Provo Utah Autumn

pinecone in autumn

Provo Utah Temple

green car
(cool car.)

Provo Utah Temple

Provo Utah Temple trees

Provo Utah Temple

Provo Utah Temple Nativity
(one of the most tender nativities i've seen.)

Provo Utah Temple View
(when i first looked out to this view, i laughed that cougar stadium was almost directly in line with the temple.)

Provo Utah Temple reflection

Provo Utah Temple

Provo Utah home
(awesomely yellow door.)

Provo Utah graffiti

Provo Utah graffiti
(random hearts painted on the sidewalk)

Provo Utah autumn

Provo Utah autumn

Provo Utah autumn

Provo Utah MTC autumn
(pretty leaves on the trees outside the MTC.)

(baby missionaries walking from the temple!)
(as a side note, i've always thought of MTCs as missionary factories.  little boys and girls go in, missionaries get churned out.)
(they're being manufactured at faster rates now too... production is increasing!)

Provo Utah Parks and Recreation
(provo parks and recreation falling behind apparently.)
provo is a strange city - the layout seems weird to me.  that being said, kylie and cameron live on the prettiest block or two of the city that i saw.  thumbs up guys!

orem on the other hand...

we were at the mall for a while in orem and i was wearing my black-stretchy-liquid-sexy-legging-pant-things.  i was checking out a store and walked past these two guys and the one says to the other "that girl looks like an astronaut."  he didn't even whisper.  RUDE, is what i thought, and i wanted to clock the guy.  but he also had a stroller with him, and i didn't want to embarrass his kid.

(way to go dad, you got beat up by a girl.  who, by the way, looks awesome.)
(astronauts don't even wear hot pants, ya jerk!)

and to the ladies at the restaurant where we had lunch... the ones who were staring at me and whispering?  i saw you looking at my non-astronaut legs.  take your big hair and get out of town.  these hot pants are here to stay!


  1. It really is beautiful :) great photos! thanks for sharing!

  2. The area around the Provo temple area is always so beautiful! Love the reflection of the temple in the water. And that car is so fun!! :)
    xo TJ

    1. agreed, it really was the prettiest place i saw!