13 December 2012

maybe it just needs a little love.

even though he's been around since july, i've been thinking hard about my charlie brown tree lately.  i am so madly in love with him.  i'll admit that's a little silly, but i can't help it.  every time i look into his crooked, sparkly soul i'm filled with so many thoughts and feelings that make me want to shout at the top of my lungs on top of a high mountain.  shouts of relief and joy and i conquered this mountain!

this may be the english-major brain talking here, but i believe that there is great symbolism that can be attributed to the sad little tree in the charlie brown christmas special.  as with many symbols, there are lots of things the tree can represent.

in 2012, it represents me.  i am the little tree - in all its stages.  i've been the sad tree alone at the lot next to all the big, glamorous aluminum trees.  it was a hard kind of existence.  one that constantly made me wonder, is anyone going to pick me?  is anyone going to see any good in me?  is anyone going to give me a chance to make their lives better?

i'm happy to report that being the snazzy decorated tree is pretty great.  admittedly, the perks of being snazzy and decorated have so much to do with the time spent lonely at the lot.  and well, i will say that i'm grateful for the time i spent on that lot.  but GEEZ, can i please never go back to that place again??

you know that feeling when it comes time again to unpack and re-decorate for the upcoming holiday season?  it's the best - like seeing old friends again.  ones who haven't been around for all the troubles of the year and only remember you in all your cheery, christmas-spirit glory.  it is this feeling and my love for charlie brown which has made me decide that i will, in fact, store him away come january.

on 29 november 2013, we will have the most tender of reunions.
we'll remember where we've been, where we are presently, and most importantly: who we are.

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