28 December 2012


this (very early) morning i was in my old bedroom in pennsylvania.  now i'm sitting on my bed in arizona.  is it weird that i find that a little unbelievable?  i've been flying since i was baby but i still get at least some sense of awe when i think at night about everything i did that day and think "oh, i just traveled 2000 miles today in a few hours.  no big deal."

after that 2000 mile trip i always i inform people, i'm home!  no matter if i land in phoenix or philadelphia.  i literally thought to myself today "is that weird?"  and now i'm sitting here wondering where i actually live and where home actually is.  i'm starting to think home is where your rump rests! is the best answer to that.

this time around, the arizona home is different.  it has to do with me being different, the weather being different, the end of the year, and everything else in my world.  i quite like it.

may i live in this video please?

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