19 November 2012

taking in some desert.

today and tomorrow, when i'm not working or trying to clean, i'll be gearing up for a couple of days in provo.  bekki and i are are driving up to visit kylie and cameron!  it's sort of become a tradition that kylie and i spend thanksgiving together, and after years of coming up with excuses to not go to utah it's my turn to drive the ten-ish hours.

fact: the last time i was in utah was the summer before my senior year of high school.  it was a part of our college tour family summer trip, and i was none too pleased to be stopping in provo.  i was a grade A brat the entire time we were in the state of utah.  it was not on my college list, and i proclaimed it to the heavens that i would sooner stay in collegeville and attend community college than even apply to brigham young university.

for the record, i think it was generally agreed that BYU's campus tour was a regular snoozefest compared to all the other places we toured.  i will be as outrageous to say that even our tour of UCLA was more interesting than BYU's, and we just drove around the campus ourselves - no official tour.

fact: i do understand that there are probably some normal people in utah.
fact: that was mostly a joke.

confession: more than anything, i'm afraid of utah.
i may never make a truer statement than that.

utah jokes and fears aside, i'm really excited for this week/end.  (kylie and cameron aren't exactly full-fledged utahns anyway.)

just no snow, please!!
for your information - kristin's college tour rankings, by "oh man, can i pleeeeease go here?!"

1. university of california davis.  best, most gorgeous campus i have ever been to.  i still want to go to this school.  for what i have no idea.  and the town.  oh davis, california!!  it is so lovely, i would live there in a heartbeat.
2. university of southern california. we don't really talk about this one anymore.  bitter breakups and all that.
3. arizona state university. this probably could have been ranked #2 if the tour hadn't been so looooong.  also, i remember it being in the 60s that day (it was march), and everyone on campus was wearing sweatshirts and scarves, and i thought it was crazy warm and everyone was nuts.  as it turns out, it's almost five years later and i'm nuts, too.
4. university of california santa barbara.  all i remember from this tour was the EFY kids and the guide raving about the ability to order pizza to the library.  also, someone asked if the school had a football team (stupid question), and the guide said "no, but we have a water polo team!" and i pitied the guide for thinking that water polo was even an acceptable replacement for football.
5/6. university of california los angeles. this barely counts, but whatever.  also, i recall that i didn't really want to go there due to rivalries and all that, but my mom thought it would be safer than USC.  she was right of course, if you walk off campus at USC you might just get killed.
5/6. brigham young university.  i will give them that candy counter at the bookstore and that's it!

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