16 November 2012

some nonsense for your friday.

these are my hot pants.

i'm not totally sure what the actual, generally-accepted name of these are.  i've heard "liquid leggings" the most.  when i ordered them from ebay, the name of the product was:

"Black Sexy Women Stretchy Punk Shiny Wet Liquid Leggings Stocking Pant Tight New"

so, there you go.

i'm thinking if you want to sell something on ebay and aren't sure how to present it to people, just use all the words that even remotely might be applied to it.

some facts about these (sort of) pants:
  • they breathe semi-okay.  when i first put them on i thought my legs would shrivel up, but everything ends up being okay.  no shriveling, and you forget about the breathing factor in a half hour. (good thing?)
  • this may be due to the fact that i didn't buy a fancy, fifty dollar pair of pants.  i bought an eight dollar pair that came from china and subsequently took a month to get into my mailbox.  but whatever, eight dollars!  double recession, people!  fiscal cliff!!
  • at the beginning you feel a little ridiculous.  but then you just own up to it.  and put on a furry vest.  it tames the pants.  :)