29 November 2012

lessons learned from dating an air devils guy and (mistakenly?) setting it as a precedent.

i have learned many things via relationships, but lately i am reminded of one lesson learned in great particularity.

if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

oh i have a real firm testimony of this one, people.

for example: air devils.

air devils is the club at ASU that jon has been involved with for almost three years now.  and i tell you: i held intense feelings for that club for a very long time.  not the good kind.  history will show that it is no fun being the girlfriend of an air devils member. (granted there probably haven't been that many of them, but still!)

this club took up a ton of his time, sometimes he came home and smelled weird, and last year it done sent him to tornado central INTO an actual tornado for the annual competition the club participates in.  the last half of the competition was cancelled because of the tornado damage.  but if you ask jon about it he'll tell you that the field was fine and they could have finished the missions and they would have made the top ten at least and he might even get a little angry about it.

i went and stressed myself out sick that weekend, and then he came back real mad and i was just relieved that he was alive, but he wasn't caring about that at all.

and then i was mad.  seriously.  what was it with this dumb club that made him value his life less that a dumb wooden airplane's ability to fly around in circles and carry water?

but no matter, he graduated!  goodbye to air devils!!

...until he decided to go back to school to finish up his master's degree.  and of course, rules were such that he was still allowed to be in the club.  president, no less.

and over the summer when he asked me what i thought him doing it all again, do you know what i said?

"i think you should do it."
(add in some good stuff about how it makes him happy and all that.)
(it makes me seem like a good person.)

what i was really thinking was:  no, ya big goof.  of course i don't want you to do this.  and heaven forbid i add a third competition to the list of things i never want to live through again.

but i said what i said.

and then, things started happening.  suddenly i started seeing lasers cut stuff, building plane parts (and making serious enemies out of glue), learning foreign words like servos and ailerons, and getting seriously bummed when plane crashes happened.

(let us briefly take a moment and observe how gloriously swoopy that swoop is.  a swoop-swoon is what i'm experiencing now.)

AND THEN, i started making a promo video to help recruit the baby air devils, going to a few club meetings, and giving advice to "el presidente" on delegating and teaching skills - not because it might mean more time for us to spend together, but because it ensures a future for the club once jon leaves for good.

dudes, i tried to extend the life of this club.
(maybe even save it?)
(holy pretentious, batman!)

and now i'm in this strange position where i feel like i'm even a little indebted to air devils.  not because it killed time during a jobless summer.  not because it kind of helped me get my job (this is true, not even exaggerating here).  not because the glue might have destroyed enough of my brain cells to where i might actually be talking crazy here.

it's because i feel like jon and i are a different pair because i said i was okay with one more year.  a good kind of different.  a geekier, but closer kind?

and so, i'm calling on the powers of the join 'em gods once more.  because this time, i've done something crazy and i think i will really need extra help this time around.

you guys.

i've suggested that jon grow his beard back.

as far as i know, he's taking this suggestion.
only this time we definitely need to invest in a beard trimmer.
none of that knotty, getting-to-be-as-long-as-head-hair nightmare.
(i once called it a catastrophe.  i stand by that claim.)
(related.  ironically, i wrote that just as jon
started to grow that catastrophe last year.)

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