13 November 2012

lately, in pictures.

espn getting in on the election action.  what??  i'd like it very much if you'd just stick to sports, dudes.

my favorite television guys making their reports.  minus bob costas of course, but like i said: just stick to sports.

new friends for christmas!

this never gets put away.  the mario kart battles have been extremely intense lately.  lots of put-out feelings.

all the yummy spices make the house smell like christmas.  also, my mind has been blown by this candle from walmart.  it's dirt cheap, and the most wonderfully-smelling thing in the world.  a week after buying it, it's basically gone.  and now jon tells me that the air in my house is full of wax.

proud of this "ugliest sweater" winner.  i like to say that his vest is snazzily-horrific.  he likes to say that my vest used to be rudolph.

last but not least... this.  all we're missing is a little sweater-wearing dog and we'd be set for cheesy holiday pictures.


  1. You look like models! Are you wearing leather pants?

    1. haha, they're called "liquid leggings." they're basically the most ridiculous thing i have ever bought.