06 November 2012

as long as we're in political transit at the moment...

HOOD FOR PRESIDENT.  that has a certain ring to it, doesn't it?  it's also slightly gangsta-sounding... that could potentially prove to be helpful.  i just need to work on my street-cred.

(people could call america "their hood" and it would be funny!)

whenever i think about what i would do if i was president, i mostly come up with a million special occasions to celebrate.  for example:

  • every thursday is free cupcake day.
  • july 31st is national harry potter day.  free admission to the harry potter park if your birthday is on this day. (and also if your birthday is on the third day of october)
  • every day in august is to be celebrated, since the month itself doesn't have a holiday.

other ideas:

  • everyone is allowed to write blogs.  no one is allowed to read them!  peace and tranquility abound!
  • the white house pet is now a cute little baby goat!
  • all concert tickets are capped at $50 prices.  no higher, thank you very much.  (i'm lookin' at you, no doubt!)

and my VP?
ira glass, obviously.

(are there "no relationships in the workplace" rules when it comes to this kind of thing?)
(first presidential act: get rid of that rule!)

on another note, i believe that politics is an impolite topic of conversation (even if you're talking to people who agree with you), and i believe very strongly that people are at their most impolite when they talk (or post) politics.  i'd like to apologize to anyone i may have been impolite to, especially if they felt like i bullied them concerning my choice for president.  as someone who has felt really shy and scared to be open about my preferences for fear of bullying and seriously negative reactions, it's shameful of me to do the same, even if it is to a smaller degree.
on sunday, chuck pagano, the coach of the indianapolis colts (who was recently diagnosed with leukemia) said something i thought was really profound to his team after they won.  he emphasized the importance of living in a vision, and not living in circumstances.  he said we all have circumstances, but we can live above those circumstances and works towards our vision - our ultimate goals.

coincidentally, i felt this same sentiment was echoed later that night at the CES devotional, when elder caussé quoted president uchtdorf from october:

...external circumstances don't really matter or determine our happiness.
We do matter.  We determine our happiness.
You and I are ultimately in charge of our own happiness.

(who says football can't be spiritual?)

while i believe that today is an important day, i think that tomorrow is even more important.

no matter if you find yourself among the happy half or disappointed half of the country tomorrow, you decide. you decide if your life is going to be better or worse.  you decide to be the best person you can be, to live the best life you would, regardless of anything.  circumstances change all the time, but you determine how successful/happy/fulfilling your life is.

and with that, have a super day!!

 (by the way, i was so incredibly close to studying political science.)
(you're welcome - that i chose english instead.)


  1. I would definitely vote for you. I mean, I wholeheartedly agreed with everything you proposed. Might I also propose that we create 4 random pinata days throughout the year where pinatas full of candy are strategically placed around schools, homes, stores, and other public areas just to add a little festivity to our day?

    1. oh my gosh, YES. okay, you're definitely going to be one of my cabinet members: secretary of AWESOME.

    2. That has always been my dream. Thank you.

  2. Totally agree. I love the application from Bishop Caussé's fireside...very subtle and profound!

  3. You are so cute! Your blog is definitely more entertaining then mine! What were you, a creative writing major or something? ;)