09 October 2012

well this is probably long overdue.

let's pretend that this wasn't the hardest picture to take without being seen.

let's pretend that this isn't the most poorly put-together panorama in the world.  and that when i was taking the pictures for it, i wasn't trying to do it really quickly before anyone else passed by and wondered what the heck i was doing.

dudes, i have an office!!  when i first found out that i was getting an office and everything, i thought of that episode of friends when rachel tells monica and phoebe that she's being promoted to assistant buyer:

i'm gonna have an office with walls and everything.  i'm gonna have walls!!

(it's better if you watch.  please do it.  the last part is my absolute favorite.)

of course, i promptly ignored the fact that rachel never actually got that promotion.

but i mean, come on.

when did i become an Adult (with a capital A)?

who has an office with a view (of mill avenue... but hey, you gotta start somewhere)?

and a bonkers-nice computer with a bonkers-huge screen (which i never have past 50% brightness because anything brighter hurts)?

and a fancy shmancy telephone (which i haven't used yet because i'm scared of it)?

and a need for actual work clothes (that don't consist of khakis or a polo shirt or a lame lanyard)?

this job?  so far, so good people.  and not just because it makes me feel like a grown-up for a few hours a day.


  1. Congrats Kristin! Hope the job continues to be good.


  2. Kristin,
    You are not only an Adult, with a capital "A", you are one of my favorite people to read--please, please write a book, or two, or TEN!!!! Congrats!!!
    Elizabeth Latey

    1. thank you so much, that's a great compliment. and we'll see about the books! :)

  3. That's an amazing office! I swear you don't deserve an office that nice!!! Your dad has been teaching for over 25 years now and your office is more than twice as large as his! Haha!!!