26 October 2012

onward to victory.

so, homecoming is this weekend.

i sort of talked about homecoming last year.
(by the way, did president obama get his latest campaign slogan from that post?  i'll let it pass of course, but dude.  he didn't even ask my permission!)

homecoming is a deal to celebrate the return of alumni, right?  and i belong to that "alumni" category now, right?

new question: can i still celebrate being back at my alma mater if i never exactly left?

i will be honest.  last year when i wrote about homecoming, i was hoping that i'd be long gone by now. that i'd be living somewhere else.  like oregon.  or the new england area.  or canada?

but i'm still here.  i still drive to asu every day.  i walk across campus every day.  i mostly don't mind.

do you ever get that bad feeling when you move and someone at the new place you live asks about a place back where you used to live, and you know nothing about it?  it's the worst.

going to and from asu every day reminds me that i want to really know it before i actually leave.

and never ever pull another all-nighter for the rest of my life.  especially not for a homecoming float.

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