16 October 2012

now THIS is an anniversary post!

in that it reviews a celebration and is full of pictures!  and such!

to commemorate our one-year feat, jon and i drove up north to do some hiking.  i had very high hopes for some real fall foliage - i haven't seen any in five years after all, and it's one of the things i miss most about the east.

well, we were very close to being wildly successful with that.  (pictures from the internet are verrrry deceiving.  you'd think i'd know that by now.)  there a few clusters of pretty trees here and there, but there were mostly pine trees.  but that's okay, because... they smell like christmas.

we didn't go very far, but we stopped quite a bit.  to take pictures, to eat, to play... but also because i'm crazy out of shape in a way that i wasn't even last may.  i swear i was huffing more yesterday than i ever did in colorado.  pathetic, right?

anyway, jon brought his hatchet and a little baby knife.  cute, huh?  boys.  he's pretty good at throwing his hatchet and practicing for a bear attack.  though we determined yesterday that in the event of a real bear attack, throwing the weapons wouldn't be as good as just keeping them in hand and going bonkers-crazy on the bear.  so.  now you know.

i tried throwing the hatchet a few times.  i'm not very good at it.  BUT!  i will have you know that i was one-for-one in throwing the baby knife and sticking it in the tree.  100% baby!!

and now for some sentimental stuff.  because, you know.

here are a couple of things i've learned in the last year.

  • jon is afraid of the nightmare before christmas.
  • when you live in the desert, sometimes it's too hot to hold hands.  so you just hold fingers.  you pinkie-promise it all the way home.  or wherever.
  • jon still has the best hair.  and he still looks great in a suit.
  • apparently gold trophies mean NOTHING.  and they definitely don't determine tiebreakers.  (but they should.)  for the record, i learned this against my own will.
  • eventually i reached the point where i became a little less of an individual.  that is, i was suddenly part of a package deal.  we met people together, and they expect to see me only when there is jon is with me.  sometimes they have to meet me twice - once with jon, and once without.  i guess i'm unrecognizable without my package partner?  and when people say hi, how are you? i am to expect a how's jon? soon after that.  this is not a bad thing.
  • to jon, it hardly ever matters when a dinner doesn't have a vegetable of some sort on the side, contrary to popular (aka, my) belief.  but it absolutely DOES matter when dinner is served with mashed potatoes.  i have a feeling this can be applied to all men.  but of course, i haven't fed them all to know for sure.

happy anniversary, you.  my only complaint is that the time when we aren't together goes slow, and when we are together it flies.  but i think it's supposed to be that way.  and i'll always be waiting for you when you come home.

(and kick your bum at mario kart.)

i sure do love you, JBoyfriend.  awesome hair, broken planes, n64 battles and all.
thanks for sticking with me.
thanks for making me the happiest.
thanks for teaching me the best way to attack a bear.