17 September 2012

weekend roundup, heavy on the football.

so, i was telling jon sometime today that i was having trouble figuring out what to blog about today.  enter:

so there you go.  you guys need branching out.  i mean, he said so himself.

fortunately for you, my weekly intake of football is limited due to my lack of espn access.  you're welcome.

take-aways from this weekend:

1. these directv nfl sunday ticket commercials are KILLING me.  i want all access football please!!  also, please air the commercials with the peyton-deion pairing more often.  and put them up on youtube!  i could probably listen to

"where's eli?"
"getting a perm!" 

on repeat until i die and still be laughing.  and if i could do that, then i could show you guys the commercial.  so you'd know what i was talking about.

2. i saw the end of the cardinals-patriots game.  i'm pretty sure i shrieked when that last field goal kick was missed.  i'm pretty sure ryan williams felt like he'd just been pulled from being first in line at hell's entrance.

and i'm pretty sure that the "cardinals shock the patriots" headlines after that were wrongly worded.  any of the following would have been better and more accurate:

"Patriots shock the Cardinals!"
"Patriots shock the Patriots!"
"Patriots shock THE WORLD!"

i think "bad patriots" is more shocking than "good cardinals," don't you?  okay, maybe not.

3. holy wow, the thursday night football and fantasy football commercials with that strange man in the blue suit?  weirdly hilarious.  (hilariously weird?)  here's one (sprechen sie man hug??) and here's the first one i ever saw (it's about as hard as lacing up a loafer!).

4. YEAH EAGLES!!  after the game was over, i could hear the crowd singing fly eagles fly and it made me sad.  i haven't heard that in a verrrrry long time.

and all i have to say about the game is WHAT NOW, DREW MAGARY?!?

5. i found a quiz online and could only match 22-ish quarterbacks to their nfl teams and i was pretty disappointed with myself.  i've decided by the end of the season i've got to know them all.

in related news, i've been quizzing jon on sports lately.  we were working on baseball a little while ago (name the 5 MLB teams that are california based!), but now football is back and i think we'll start testing there soon.

but i gotta say, i was really proud of him yesterday when he was able to tell me that san francisco's football team is the 49ers, and their baseball team is the giants.  baby steps!!

6. last, and closely related but not really:

the return of saturday night live.

specifically, weekend update (which was just okay... what in the garbage is a honey boo boo?!?)

specifically, the joke about espn airing "the 50,000th episode of sportscenter."

"of that day?!?"


  1. ha! my husband would have suggested football too...boys ;)