24 September 2012

weekend roundup: face-kicking sushi.

whenever jon and i have ever had an interview, before the one goes out the other says "kick it in the face!" for good luck.  it being the interview.  not the interviewer.  i know, super adult of us.

after the interview we send each other a text saying something along the lines of "kicked that face really hard!"  orrrr, there is the off-chance that it didn't go well, in which case something like "my face was kicked.  :( "

after my interview for this new job, my text was this:

Dude!!  I just double-kicked that interview in the face!  Twice!!

i mean, seriously.  my confidence was just shooting out everywhere.  and sometime soon after that, i told jon that if i got the job that we needed to celebrate.  details of said celebration had yet to be made.  obviously i didn't want to plan something hugely awesome and then not get it.

so a week later, i am freaking out major.  haven't really heard a whole lot back, confidence is quickly decreasing, playback is going on in my head wondering if i said something wrong during the interview.  you know, the usual.  i'm not thinking at all about celebrations, but then jon says hey!  if you get the job, we'll go out for sushi!

and i'm thinking,

hold.on.  this just got serious.  the stakes have gone way up.
because even though the man has never actually had it, in his head he is NOT a sushi guy.

so on saturday night we went out for sushi.

and i was nice, i didn't get us anything too crazy.  you know, just some light rolls with mild flavor and krab-with-a-k-so-you-know-it's-not-real-raw-fish.

and of course, the las vegas roll.

aka, the what-happens-in-the-vegas-roll-stays-in-the-vegas-roll-and-once-you-try-it-you-order-it-for-life roll.

and he kicked that las vegas roll in the face.  (even though it's in his face in this picture.)

postscript: i'm totally proud of this guy for holding and using his chopsticks correctly.  not even my mom does that!!


  1. I noticed the correct use of chopsticks immediately! Wow! Good job, Jon!! My dad has more or less disowned me for my incorrect use of chopsticks.

    1. how sad. at least you can hang on to your food with them!

  2. so i saw your comment on nat's birthday post for the holbs and i was all "dude, that's EXACTLY what I was going to type, who IS this chick?" and then i popped on over to your blog and OF COURSE your most recent post involves face kicking AND sushi. you, my friend, are awesome.

    1. haha, thanks! great minds think alike!!

  3. BAHHHHHHH i'm jealous. I want sushi so bad!

    1. next time you visit! mom wants to try the las vegas roll, too!