13 September 2012

that inspector thinks he's something, but it's me who runs this town!

bekki and i saw les miserables last night.  our family loves us some of the les mis.  i remember when i was little we used to listen to it (on a tape cassette) every time we drove down to washington dc.

and now that movie is coming out later this year, and everyone's excited about it!  i'm basically looking out for one thing when i see that film - an enjolras who looks like an enjolras.  everyone knows that enjolras is the most handsome, hunky, manly guy in that whole production, right?

there has even been some talk that jon is due for one bullet vest...

anywho, bekki was bonkers excited, and i was also excited, but my excitement sort of paled in comparison to that of a first-timer, ya know?  i was kind of a lot of excited because of where we were sitting:

(my one illegal photo of the night)

cool, huh??  aerial view, basically!!  that's new!

i'm not being a smarty-pants here, i really was excited to be sitting in the balcony.  it's a different experience altogether, and new experiences are good, right??

anyyyyyway, i have to tell you about the first two minutes of the show.

the intro.  you know it?


ya got it?  okay.

so it starts playing, and the lights turn off, and evvvvveryone is crazy excited and starting to sit down in their seats.  the intro is playing, and it finishes with that cymbal and is about to go into the start of the first song.  here's how it went:

cymballllllllll (it was dragged out a little).
the stage goes black.
the cymbal is finished.
there's about three second of silence.
and thennnn........

we are experiencing some technical difficulties, we apologize.


everyone was laughing, it was kind of hilarious, in an anti-climactic sort of way.

about a minute later, they started over from the very beginning.  which i was fine with, because that's an excellent introduction, don't you think??

the show was really great.  i got goosebumps during all of the moments where i usually get goosebumps when i listen to the music.  only this time they felt bigger, and that's how it should be when you see something live, don't you think?

one thing that did weird me out was the lack of british accents.  you know the part when little gavroche calls javert out on his treachery??  remember the word that he says?


last night i was expecting to hear it with all the british accent one could probably muster.  LY-AH!!

instead it was yelled out with an underwhelming, unsophisticated american accent.  LY-URR!!

i love gavroche, of course, he's one of my favorite characters.  and that kid was something last night!

thanks bekki for taking me!!


got my playbill and saw this instead.   what's a gammbill??  come on, gammage!  who do you think you are?


  1. hahaha! i laughed really hard at the part about the "technical difficulties."

    1. katie, if you had been there you might have died laughing then. it was soo funny!

  2. You seriously need to watch Phantom now. Bekki's and my experience in Las Vegas was unbelievable!! No words to describe it - and that's having seen in twice at the Forrest. Hit Gung Gung up for tickets!! You know he'll do it!! Haha!