04 September 2012

some happenings, but one in particular.

another labor day, come and gone.  and with that goes the farewell of summer (sort of) and the wearing of the color white - for what reason i have no idea, and if no one gives me a good reason well dang it, i'm going to wear white.

i'd love to regale you with all the dreamy happenings of the last weekend of summer... but there's only one thing that sticks out most in my mind of the entire four days, and it happened in the very beginning.

before the mosquitoes picked me off at the very end of the trip.  twelve bites in fifteen or so minutes.  twelve, dash it all!

before the plane crashed (twice) and we decided it is officially being retired.  after it's fixed again.  though it's sad, it's almost poetic in a way, too??  maybe?

before the puppy.  i mean, seriously.  so distracting, i totally missed the first plane crash into a tree.

before the fourteen year-old boy, bless his heart, asked what an N64 is.  be still my soul.

before the high school football game, which was simultaneously a glorious and strange experience.  if i had to sum it all up in a long, run-on, not-sentence it would be something like:  oh football, we are finally reunited in the flesh (or something like that) and indoor stadiums are kind of weird and shouldn't my bum be bonkers-frozen right now? and teehee the players are so little and watch that quarterback fall back so deep out of the pocket! and the white-to-black ratio of players down on that field is practically against the laws of football-nature.
before all of that, there was a pitstop in payson.  at the wendy's to be precise.  and we were there amongst all the other pitstoppers who were on their way to their cabins and such.

of these fellow pitstoppers were two girls who were probably eight or so.

the one says: come to the bathroom with me !
the other says: i don't have to go.  and she stands where she is with all kinds of resolve and determination.

and the first stops dead in her tracks and turns around to look at the second.  she says nothing, but all over her face it read did you miss the memo?  we're girls, we go to the bathrooms together.  this is what we do.  stick with protocol!

and i thought, keep on, girl number two!  you stand there on your own!

and as soon as they were gone i knew this was something to blog about.
you're welcome.

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