19 September 2012

oh yeah, and those other guys.

there were other performers at the mutemath show.  did i mention that??

first up was this dj dude who called himself quiet entertainer.  the poor guy barely had any breathing room on the stage, it was so packed up there.

i'm not into djs so much, but he did put down a couple of good beats that were worth getting into (did that phrase make me sound hip?).  i mostly was glad that he was there to take up the silence that would have otherwise been there for an hour.  i was really into the fact that he was crazy happy when he was doing his thing.  for that, i liked him.

next up was a band called civil twilight.  i was really underwhelmed and not overly impressed by them...

...but they had this video guy.  and i'll be honest, i was super jealous of him.  he's got a super cool job.

i'm thinking about writing an open letter to my favorite bands.  the contents of which would read: if i practiced every day and did all my homework and ate all my fruits and vegetables like a good kid, could i travel with your band and take pictures?  pretty please??

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