11 September 2012

it's the eleventh.

i visited the healing field again this year.  it was a very different experience from last year's.  (i'd link up to last year's post about it, but i think i was feeling angry that day...??  note to self: don't blog when you're in bad spaces.)

anyway, it all felt simultaneously eerie and settling.  for a couple of reasons.

reason the first:  i was eleven when it happened, and i realized today that i'm just about past that threshold to where i've lived longer with this event in my life than without it.  i suspect that if i had been any younger, i wouldn't understand or remember the difference between 10 september 2001 and 12 september 2001.  i'm a little grateful for being able to do that, actually.  i mean, yeah, ignorance is bliss and all, but sometimes it's good to know that things weren't always so heavy.

reason the second: tempe beach park is in such a place that every sixty seconds or so a plane flies overhead.  the combination of being in the middle of a 9/11 memorial and hearing planes whistling above was both creepy and comforting.  creepy, because of the obvious connection.  comforting, because the fact that the planes are still flying shows to me that people (and this country) was willing and able to move on.  we bounced back and didn't let that day stop us from progessing.

reason the third: to basically all the people of the phoenix valley, today is nothing short of glorious.  the skies are overcast, it's supposed to rain all throughout the day, and the temperatures are lower than they've been in months.  but a lot of people really don't like rain.  sometimes it rains too much and bad things happen.  but for me, after such a long, hot summer (that still isn't really over) i live for these days.  the small blessings that the rain brings help me remember the best things about living here.  i remember that it's nice here just as long (or longer) than when it's nearly unbearable.  and i suppose, in at least the smallest way, this date in our country's history can do what rain in the valley does.


  1. What a moving tribute. Thanks for posting!

  2. A beautiful post. I found it interesting the way you put it in your first reason. To have lived longer with an event than without. I never thought of it that way.