25 September 2012

how to talk to a sad person (who already knows it's going to be okay).

the other night i was writing in my journal and trying to put into words my gratitude for my blessings as of late.  the first sentence i wrote was i am grateful for the trials of this summer.

cue record scratch.

as soon as i finished that sentence i thought to myself, wait a second.  there is a girl living somewhere between may and august 2012 whom you know quite well.  her name is kristin.  have you already forgotten her so quickly?

and then i had to rethink the way i was planning on wording my thoughts.  because while i am very grateful for my trials as of late, i also want to be respectful to that girl who wouldn't have wanted to hear those words - even though at the time she knew beyond well that she, in fact, would eventually be grateful for the hard stuff.

if for some reason life becomes a sci-fi novel and you happen to travel back in time and run into that girl (or any sad person) with both difficult trials and a testimony that all things lead up to something better, consider trying this:

tell her that life is really hard.

she is already thinking it, she just wants someone to confirm it to her and just be acknowledging of the fact that she is doing a hard thing.  and she's trying.

give her a moment to be sad.  you want her to be happy, she wants to be happy, and she knows that one day she will be infinitely happy.  but for now, she is sad.  tell her that's okay and let her have a sad moment.  give her a hug and a (box of) tissue(s) and be loving.

and then one day those good things that were meant for her will come.  and when they do, you can be with her and celebrate together that she kicked a hard thing in the face.  and she won't need a sad moment.  she'll be ready for a happy moment, and she'll want you to be a part of it.

i just want to thank everyone who was kind and supportive and prayed with me these last months.  i believe the blessing of this moment is not only with me, but with you too.  you guys are great, and i hope you'll stick around.  at the very least, for some good work stories.  :)

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