14 September 2012

high-quality band, cell-phone quality pictures.

first of all, let's acknowledge the series of events that led up to last night:  1 // 2 // 3

(the purpose of that was just to get it all off my chest... if not also to attempt some argument that i deserved last night, dang it.)

i'm only going to say a few things to spare you... but really, i could talk your ear off about it all.

1. before the show, i asked jon this hypothetical:

do you think that this could be the greatest night of my life??

and he said: i hope that it isn't.

and then i said: well, let's assume that i have all of my children in the morning.  then could this be the greatest night of my life?

we both agreed there are probably going to be a couple of other best nights in the future, and i was being silly.  instead of THE best, i'm settling for ONE OF the best.  top ten definitely.  top five, probably.

2. one of the most pleasant surprises you can get sometimes is getting to the very front of the crowd up against those metal barriers, expecting to be super hot and sweaty and crammed by the end of the night, but being totally cool and comfortable the entire time.  i attribute this to the hipster-ish people at the show, who are kind of stereotypically made fun of for being as cool and mellow at concerts as possible.  chalk one up for those guys, i guess!

3. you know it's going to be a good show when you see this in front of you:

4. generally speaking, i'm a big believer in keeping my hands to myself.  i'm not big on touching strangers, i don't hand out hugs on the second meeting of an acquaintance, and i definitely don't ever get excited about other people's sweat landing on me.


what would you think of me if i told you that at one point during the night paul was very literally sprawled on top of the girl next to me, and i thought i could lick the sweat off of his face right now.  i probably shouldn't though.  that would be a bad to do, right?  (but really, i wasn't as sure as you'd think).

crazy much?

5. this morning i woke up - still all tingly from the show and visions of paul silly-dancing still in my head - and thought:

if i leave right now, i can make it to their show in albuquerque tonight.

and you guys, i swear to you i almost did it.  i mean, i got super excited and really quick started to grab everything that i would have needed.  of course, my rationale being, it's not like i have serious obligations or a job i have to deal with today.  let's do this.

as it turns out, that reasoning is the exact same for the opposite argument.

it's kind of crummy and way less fun when adult thinking wins out in the end.  sorry, free-spiritedness.  i'm bummed, too.

6. cheers to the evening!  and to the next show, whenever that will be.


  1. How did you guys manage to get front row "seats"?

    1. no seats, it was a standing venue. we were just early enough that we could be some of the first in line to get in!

  2. Those pictures were way better than I was expecting from the title :). And I loved the muted response at venues --- I fit right in, finally.

    1. definitely true about the pictures... cell phones these days!!