03 September 2012

for sara, on her birthday!

to start, we can just ignore my presence in the following picture.  let's just focus on the cutie on the right, okay?

this is my friend sara.  she is a total gem.  not the cheap kind that come from a gumball machine ring.  and not the diamond-in-the-rough kind, either (HELLOOOO, that designation will forever be aladdin's only, duh!!).  i mean the awesome, special kind that you want to brag about having.  hey, i have this gem and it is so cool and i am so much cooler for having it.  -OR-  hey, i have this friend and she is so cool and i am so much cooler because she's my friend.  or something like that.

anywayyyyy, these are a few things about sara that have elevated her to gem-status.  you know, in case you want to be a keeper gem, too??

1. she is one of the funniest people i know.  not like a funny-laffy-taffy-jokes funny person.  i mean a storyteller.  a great, hilarious one.  i'm a sucker for a good storyteller, and she gets me every.single.time.  build on that skill, sara - it's a killer one to have that not many people get.

2. she's an english major.  and well, english majors are automatically connected on some deep level.  that level being, i love to read and/or write and i'm just going to do that nonstop for four years to the point where i hate doing both and realize i'm going to be a waitress afterwards.  or just go for the PhD.  on that same level is the expertise needed to dominate the harry potter vs. twilight debate (during which the english majors will say, there is no debate!!!) and also the uncanny ability to avoid the questionables in all the english classes.  namely: (1) the older folks who are only taking one class and therefore have the time to read all of the text and comment incessantly during lecture (2) the hipsters (3) the trenchcoat guys - oftentimes sporting a long, greasy ponytail or a fedora.  and lastly, we get to use words/phrases like portmanteau and bildungsroman and stream of consciousness and critically think so hard you forget what book you even asked us about.  yes, we english majors revel in all of this.

3. lastly, she requested a blog post dedicated to her on her birthday.  and really, is that not one of the greatest things that could be asked of a writer?  it's like a critic giving you a "two thumbs up!" review while simultaneously risking the integrity of a special day because in some part of her thinking there's the thought that said blog post could be great.  way to be brave, sara.

and so, without further ado:

dear sara,

it's ya birthday!!  have a bomb-diggity time, you are stellar and deserve all the attention you want today.  i'm glad we know each other and i think we were destined to be friends and support one another through our trenchcoat-kid ordeals forever.

to friendship!  and your birthday!  and this blog post through which those things can come together on this day!  HUZZAH!!!

awkward friends forever,


...cell phone quality pictures.  yipes.


  1. This is the greatest thing I have ever read. Really. Thanks Kristin! Awkward friends 4ever (see how hip I am??)

    1. oh my gosh, sooo hip. like, totes. (i try, but i can't. i'm not k3wl enough like you.)

      glad you approve!! :)