22 September 2012

buzzer beater. times a million.

according the the calendar (the sun?  the revolutions of the earth??) yesterday was the last day of summer.

the last day of a really really hard summer - one that required a lot of patience and tissues and frustration and ice cream (and soda).

and just when you get to the end of the fourth quarter and think well that kind of sucked...

...you get a job.

how about that?!?

in case you're wondering, it basically feels exactly like this:

for your information, this is the only time i will ever suggest that lebron james and i have anything in common whatsoever.  thank you please.


  1. I JUST found your blog today, so I don't know about the journey you've been on. BUT congrats on a new job! Whatever led you there!

    And I just read your about page too. LOVE, love, love your perspective on blogging. I've been trying to reset mine. And I want it to look like yours.

    the Reverie blog

    1. thanks so much sarah, you are so kind to say all of that. i hope you'll stick around!